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Helping Miami is a newspaper for the community by the community. If you can help anyone in any way send us a message through our contact us form. If you are a company download our media kit so you can be part of our network.  Let’s say you have news that the community should know about. Send it to us, we will research the facts and make them public in our newspaper or our website. If the information helps people in Miami we want Miami to know about it. If you have extra time on your hands and you want to volunteer, we can connect you with many organizations that need your help.  We may also need your help in events we sponsor. If you are a professional and you want to provide paid or free help, then your business needs to be in our pages.  Let us tell Miami about you. Keep in mind that you get what you put in and you need to be able to give if you expect to receive.  Let’s spread the word tell your friends and family about us. Like us on Facebook share our content let’s get involved and make Miami a city we are proud to live in. Miami needs help and the people of Miami need help as well, we need to come together to make it bigger and better.

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