Special Transportation Service in Miami

Special Transportation Service (STS) is available for people with a physical, mental or intellectual disability who cannot ride Metrobus, Metrorail or Metromover.  Any resident whose disability prevents them from riding regular transit vehicles qualifies for STS. Residents with temporary disabilities may also be eligible for this service.

For $3.50 per one-way trip, STS offers shared-ride, door-to-door travel in accessible vehicles throughout most of Miami-Dade County, in some parts of South Broward County, and in the Monroe County Upper to Middle Keys.

STS operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including most holidays. Use STS for trips to medical appointments, school, work, shopping, business, or recreation. Air-conditioned minivans, small buses, lift-equipped vans, and sedans transport passengers with disabilities safely in a clean, smoke-free environment. Pickups are within 30 minutes of the scheduled time.

How to Apply

Individuals with a disability that prevents them from riding public transportation independently can apply to be certified for the STS program. To be certified, complete the application form , then mail the completed form to
MDT-PARATRANSIT OPERATIONS 701 NW 1ST COURT SUITE 1200 MIAMI, FLORIDA, 33136 or call the Paratransit Operations office at 786-469-5000 (305-263-5475 for TTY Users) and request that an application be mailed to you.

If you are denied eligibility for Paratransit, you have the right to appeal.  Please note that the submittal of additional medical documentation does not constitute a request for appeal.  In order to appeal, you must request a review, in writing, within 60 days of receiving the denial of eligibility letter. Your appeal request should be addressed to:

701 NW 1ST COURT STE 1700
MIAMI FL 33136

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