Become a Volunteer and Satisfy your Inner Hero

Heartland Hospice volunteers provide companionship to patients who are living with a serious illness and offer support to family members and caregivers in various ways.

They strive to give excellent quality of care and support to patients and family. As part of the patient care plan, volunteers form an extremely important part in day-to-day care by offering company to patients or relief visits to caregivers. Volunteers are extremely special people, they volunteer their time to help care for and support patients and families.

To be a volunteer there are several requirements. You must fill out an application, take a background check, a tuberculosis test and complete several hours of individual training. Heartland ensures that volunteers are trustworthy and dedicated people who are well prepared to deal with any situation in relation to the patient and their families. It is extremely important that volunteers be well educated in the values ​​and philosophy of Heartland Hospice because it will make them very effective in being able to comfort when dealing with any situation.

Volunteers usually spend time reading to patients, recalling memories, looking at family photos, talking about their illness while offering emotional support. For patients, this is an excellent way to spend time remembering the things they have enjoyed at all stages of their lives. Many patients are relieved to have a person who is not family listening while expressing their concerns and fears, because in many cases they prefer not to give more sadness or worries to their loved ones.

Would you or someone you know like to do something else? Something that can provide a sense of connection and at the same time help a human being? Are you looking for a way to share your knowledge,  talent,  and your heart to impact the life of a being? Being a volunteer at Heartland Hospice will give you the opportunity to be part of a fellowship of volunteers, you will benefit by doing charitable work by providing compassionate care to terminally ill patients. You will be valued and will be a large part of their team. Volunteers express that being a Heartland Hospice volunteer is an experience that has changed their lives with an extremely positive internal reward in their lives. Choose what suits you best, you can volunteer visiting patients or in the office helping with administrative projects. Be part of the volunteer team today !!!

For more information, contact
Heidy Vera of Heartland Hospice

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