Grief counseling service to the community

Arlex Cardona who is a grief counselor here in Miami Dade County has more than 3 years of experience in grief counseling and has conducted studies in BA and in Psychology, he has a Masters in Human Services as well. He has created a support group called La Buena Esperanza for Hispanics who have lost a loved one.

As a coordinator of grief, he follows up and accompanies individuals for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one. The sufferer will have an opportunity for an individual consultation in the office as well as the possibility of participating in a support group once a month. This is a totally free service to the community in the Miami Dade area. 

At the Heartland Hospice, the grieving coordinator normally visits the family in case they wish to accompany them if they are anticipating a death. The Latino culture usually prefers support after a loved one parts. In the support group the
mourners can talk about their pain without feeling pressured. The  grief counselor will bring up topics of interest about the mourning such as,  the phases  of mourning, the rights of the mourner, and how to deal with the mourning on special occasions which can be most difficult.  

The support group’s environment is confidential where the mourners bring ideas of how they have been able to overcome their loss using strategies that can help others. Mourners can let their tears flow and express their emotions freely without feeling harassed by anyone to turn a page before they are prepared to do so.  Comforting the family of mourners about the stages of mourning is an important task of the grief counselor so that they understand that mourning is unique and personal and manifests itself differently from person to person.

This group meets the first Wednesday of each month in the Catholic parish of Our Lady of Divine Providence located at 10205 West Flagler Street. Miami, Fl 33174. 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. For assistance, call 305-591-8061 Ext. 3010 or 305-551-8113.

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