Our new City of Mayor Francis Suarez

Here are somethings you should know about our new Mayor Francis Suarez

Francis Suarez was born and raised in Miami. The oldest of four siblings. Commissioner Suarez went to La Salle High School and obtained his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Florida International University, where he graduated cum laude. In 2005, Francis received his law degree from the Frederic G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. As a law student, he got selected for the honors internship program at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Before he’d ran for public office, Francis founded a successful real estate firm. He was a practicing attorney with Miami law firm of Haley, Sinagra, Paul and Toland, PA. a law firm that specialized in commercial real estate transactions. Although born to Miami’s first Cuban-born mayor, Francis is set to be the first mayor of Miami in 21 years who wasn’t born in Cuba. He’ll also be the first mayor who was actually born in Miami in at least half a century. The oldest of four siblings, Francis has worked consistently to raise the standards of the community where he was born and raised. Commissioner Suarez serves as the Vice-Chair of Miami Transportation Planning Organization, which focuses on approving federally required plans and transport-related policies. He has also served as City of Miami Commissioner for District 4 since 2009. Francis also serves as the President of the Miami County League of Cities and claims that his path to politics is something that happened naturally.


Mayor Suarez is married to Gloria M. Fonts. They have one child – Andrew Xavier. They consider themselves proud and blessed to be getting to raise their family in  Miami.


Francis Suarez  served as a Miami commissioner for the past eight years and is confident about his new position as the City of Miami Mayor. During his time as a commissioner, Suarez had been consistently involved in finding a solution to traffic problems. He also worked on building affordable housing systems and providing support to the city’s police department. Suarez remains among the biggest advocates of a push to expand the region’s mass transit system by developing six new rail lines. He calls this the SMART plan. He has support from the city’s unions and is part of established political circles. He managed to raise a record $3 million for his mayoral campaign. He has also remained consistently involved in the government and still manages to be approachable for the working class, even giving out his cellphone number ahead of Hurricane Irma. Without substantial opposition, Suarez will be spending less time campaigning and more time planning out the future of his administration.

Future Prospects

Commissioner Suarez has been committed to making sure to raise the quality of life of the people he serves. He plans to focus on transportation and connectivity issues in the city. He wants to oversee the growth of a tech‐based economy in Miami and consequently job creation and international opportunities within Latin America. His priorities also comprise affordable housing, helping tackle the poverty pandemic and working on reducing crime.

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