SPARTAN RACE is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, has created a program known as SPARTAN EDGE. 

Spartan Race is a program that schools implement to educate students about qualities that will create more of these students who can use these characteristics to overcome obstacles that they will encounter in high school and beyond. Spartan Edge accomplishes this through three main methods: Academic Classes, Physical Education Curriculum and After-School Programs.

SpartanEdge and Miami-Dade based AMI Kids have teamed-up. 

Together, these organizations are offering support by giving local, at risk kids, who were in a downward spiral, the tools to help them get their lives back together. The children learned and tapped into the potential already but buried inside them, in hopes of bettering themselves and strengthening the local community and beyond.

Together, AMI KIDS and SPARTAN RACE have been training these local at risk youth, to race and run in Spartan Race Sprints, in hopes of given them the tools to conquer any obstacle life throws at them. The kids about both campuses AMIkids Miami Dade North and South have put in months of training to conquer the obstacles of Spartan Race and plan to continue this program.Racing as a team, the youths of Miami-Dade based AMI Kids  have had the opportunity – to train together and work towards the goal of completing the race, while building on pro social, family relationships with one another. This great experience is teaching local, MIAMI-area students the importance of team work and patience.


Spartan Race Spartan Race

Plus, participating in the Spartan Edge/Spartan race training has taught these children, firsthand the values that AMIkids encourages throughout their organization: Kids First, Safety, Diversity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Family, Dedication, Creativity, and Goal Orientation to name a few. Committing to training several days a week to accomplish completing a Spartan Sprint – these students’ activities, choices, opportunities and lessons were a far cry from the other activities their life circumstance would have offered instead.


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