4 Housing Resources Available For the Miami Community

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With the current economic conditions, it’s getting harder and harder for low-income individuals and families to find affordable housing in Miami-Dade County. To combat his issues, the government has started many housing assistance programs in Miami to help people with decent and affordable housing quickly. The programs help with buying houses, temporary rental options, and mortgage help. These programs are run in conjunction with multiple agencies and organizations to streamline the process. Take a look at some of these programs listed below.

Miami Government Housing Assistance

The housing Assistance Program run by the Miami government covers various areas, and people can get different forms of assistance based on their needs. Some of the programs include emergency rental assistance, mortgage assistance programs, affordable rental units program, senior rental assistance program, and secure zoning forms for affordable housing. The government offers one-time financial assistance through this program, or people can be eligible for continuous assistance. The program is geared more towards low-income families, so you need to check the eligibility requirements before applying to any one of the sub-programs. The City of Miami also works with developers and builders to create housing solutions for the residents.

Miami-Dade County Housing Assistance

Miami-Dade County’s public housing assistance program is designed to offer safe rental housing for low-income persons along with the elderly and people with disabilities. The aid is delivered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Miami-Dade Public housing, and the Community Development Department manages the housing to ensure the eligible people receive the aid. Through this program, people can apply for housing choice voucher programs, moderate rehabilitation rental programs, single occupancy programs, and rental assistance programs.

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Florida Housing Finance Corporation

The Florida Housing Finance Corporation program is created and run by the Florida government to help residents get safe, affordable, and decent housing. The program’s website offers an easy-to-use house locator that helps people find affordable housing statewide. The program is run in conjunction with multiple organizations to facilitate the search process and help low-income individuals find housing that fits their requirements.

Rental Assistance Program

The Housing Assistance Network of Dade (HAND) program is run in association with multi-agency partnerships with Miami-Dade County and the local municipalities to prevent homelessness. Through this program, people can get temporary rental assistance for themselves and their families who are at risk of homelessness. The program also helps with utilities, legal assistance, security deposits, and credit counseling. However, there’s extensive documentation required to be eligible to make sure you have copies of your utility bills, court documents, or leasing agreement.

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