5 innovations in mental health and how they help people lead better lives

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In the past few years, the overall mental health of people in the US has drastically declined. In addition to that, the youth make up the highest percentage of mental health patients. But thanks to the recent innovation in mental health treatments, care has become accessible to more people. Not just that, but these innovations are making treatments and care more effective. Here are some of the top innovations in mental health care in the US and how they’re helping people.

Prescription Video Games

The FDA recently approved one of the first-ever prescription-based video games. The game is designed for children between the ages of 8 to 12 and helps speed up the diagnostic process by checking the results of video games and determining if a person is indeed dealing with mental illness. This method also helps kids feel relaxed when being diagnosed.

Smart Therapy

Smart technology like AI and machine learning is being applied to offer mental health care. Chatbots and digital assistants can help streamline the diagnostic process and reduce the workload on doctors. This enables doctors to see more patients at a given time without reducing their diagnostic efficiency. Additionally, such services are available 24/7, so patients can conveniently access them whenever they need them.

Data Collection and Monitoring

Data collection and monitoring were originally invented to improve user experience and show them targeted ads. But this technology is also being applied to mental health care. A lot of studies are being done to show how certain images, patterns, and words can help diagnose a person’s mental health. The technology is mostly used on social media, where a large sample of people are active. Tools like AI, natural language procession, and data science are used to analyze the information people post online.

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Community-Based Mental Health Care

Advancement in apps and digital mental care has started a new wave of community-based care that fights stigma related to mental health issues and makes care available for all, even those living in remote regions of the US. Moreover, these apps also help individuals and families connect with the right resources, so they can get the help they need without any difficulties.

Novel Drug Therapies

Depression is the leading mental health issue globally, and it’s also the hardest to treat. Most people don’t respond positively to depression-related medication. However, recent innovations in medicine have led to the creation of novel drug therapies that work on treatment-resistant depression. The FDA has approved a few chemicals that help treat such depression, and more research is being done to perfect the technology.

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