With school being out for the summer, kids are now more susceptible to losing the progress they have made during the school year, known as the “summer slide.” Year after year, parents try to prevent such loss of progress by having their child participate in summer learning. 

Yet for many children, these lessons they do during the summer are dreadful. Though learning during a time when schools are closed can seem boring, there are a few actions parents can take to enhance summer learning for young kids.

Daily reading

Building a habit of reading everyday can benefit your child.They are able to build their vocabulary and comprehension skills by reading books of their choice. You can take them to your local public library to check out a book, magazine or comic of their choice. When kids are able to choose the books they read, they are more likely to enjoy that topic.

Miami Dade County’s library system also has a summer reading challenge available for all youth readers that end Aug. 13. Having your child participate in this challenge is a good way to have them stay on top of reading books with the chance of winning a prize, which ranges from gift cards to a Nintendo Switch. 

Summer workbook

If you’d like to keep your kids academically challenged, purchasing a workbook for them to complete over the summer is a great option for both you and your child. There are workbooks that focus on specific subjects, such as math, reading, and spelling, and others that include various topics. 

Adding a reward for your child can make these activities more motivating to complete. For example, by setting up a system where if your child completes 5 pages of the workbook per day in exchange for something they find enjoyable, they will be more likely to meet their goals while staying educated. 

Be creative

Many children find the idea of learning to be boring. It’s important for parents to find innovative ways to make these summer activities more pleasurable. There are many resources that show you ways that you can incorporate fun into learning, such as PBS. They have various activities that demonstrate how arts and crafts can be used to teach children new lessons. You can even set up your own games at home that are meant to teach your kids new information.

If you find yourself in need of more helpful tips involving summer learning or other resources helpful to Miami-Dade residents, helpingmiami.com is your place.