3 Social Issues In Miami That Need Your Attention

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Miami-Dade County has a number of welfare programs to combat social issues in the area. It’s also one of the most progressive areas regarding development and immediate attention to certain issues. However, having welfare programs isn’t enough to prevent issues from growing.

Despite good governance, there are still social causes that need immediate attention. If not taken seriously right now, these issues can lead to bigger problems in the future and would not only cost more money to fix but will also scale at an uncontrollable rate. Take a look at the social issues that need immediate attention by the government and the Miami Community.

Income Inequality

Miami has the third highest income inequality in the country, which seriously hampers its move towards a sustainable community. The city has introduced a number of programs and initiatives to help combat this inequality, but things are still moving at a snail’s pace. The city offers common services: school assistance programs, meal programs, housing services, and early child development. However, these things aren’t enough o combat the income issues of the lower economic class residents. These issues need immediate action from the community before they reach levels that are hard to control and reverse.

Public Transportation

Miami is a growing city, but its public transportation infrastructure still has much catching up to do. Transportation services such as Metrorail and Metromover only operate in smaller areas and would still require many years to extend to other areas. As a result, residents must rely on expensive alternatives such as cabs. These services charge a premium price which doesn’t help with the income disparity in the city either.

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Increasing Homelessness

Miami’s homeless population has increased by 7% in the past years, making it difficult for the city to tackle homelessness and offer shelter to those in need. Moreover, available shelters are overcrowded and can’t offer adequate services to the homeless. This make sits difficult for the affected population to get back on their feet and change their economic circumstances.

It’s projected that homelessness is expected to increase in the coming years. How will the government and the community manage to offer aid to those who are and will be affected?

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