Mental health: 4 signs you might be silently suffering

Unchecked mental illness can lead to bigger health issues affecting personal relationships and your career. There’s no shame in seeking help; many people nowadays advocate for mental health reforms.

However, signs of mental illness aren’t always obvious, so we’ve created a list to help you out. If you’re a resident of Miami with mental health issues, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.


The most common trait of people with mental illness is uneasiness, restlessness, and constant anxiety issues. If not treated properly, these issues can lead to several other issues related to your brain and heart. 

Miami Counseling and Resource Center offers guidance for people suffering from extreme anxiety. The organization helps people get proper diagnostics and start their treatment with therapists to overcome their mental and Behavioral Health.


Poor mental health often leads to frequent outbursts that affect your daily life and make your work-life harder. Quick changes in your mood, distress, and exhaustion can lead to outbursts.

The stress can also cause anger management issues that can harm your career advancements and personal relations. Thrive Works is an organization that offers to counsel people dealing with anger management due to mental health.


Continuous changes in your sleep patterns can indicate undiagnosed mental illness and mental disorder. Similarly, rapid weight gain or loss and unhealthy eating habits also point to mental illness.

These issues can lead to bigger health problems that may require medical intervention if left unchecked. Organizations such as the National Alliance of Mental Illness in Miami offer support to people suffering from mental illnesses.


Often, people dealing with mental illness turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Substance abuse can elevate the effects of mental illness and can turn people violent and hostile. It makes it harder for them to seek help and find people to rely on. If you’re dealing with these issues, then Miami has free rehab centers and mental illness clinics to help you.


Helping Miami’s website offers several resources related to mental health organizations operating in Miami. Through these resources, people can find the help and assistance they need.

Besides mental health, Helping Miami also aids the residents of Miami in finding education assistance, autism resource, and DUI victim assistance. If you or anyone you know needs these resources, please feel free to reach out to us.