The City of Miami’s educational division offers several assistance programs for Miami and Dade County residents. These programs are designed to help bridge the gaps between the educational divide between different communities in Miami.

The programs promote citizen engagement that empowers children to get better educational opportunities. In addition to such assistance, the division also offers programs for kids with learning disabilities, giving them equal opportunities to attain quality education. check out some of the programs available for Miami residents

Miami learning zone program

The Miami Learning Zone program is funded by The Children’s Trust. It targets younger kids with learning disabilities. In addition to educational assistance, the program also helps improve the kids’ physical well-being and social skills and helps them get involved in extracurricular activities.

United Way Miami

United Way Miami is an organization that helps the Miami community get access to quality education for their children. The organization funds 42 educational programs in Miami to help improve kids’ learning abilities and lessen the parents’ financial burden. The organization also advocates for policies that improve the residents’ quality of life and build awareness.

K-12 scholarship program

K-12 scholarship programs are offered by the Department of Education in Florida and apply to the residents of Miami. The program offers six different scholarships and school choice programs. Additionally, parents get unprecedented options for public and private schools for their children. This program is good for parents who want their kids to access better educational programs than those currently available. Moreover, the scholarship programs have various categories making it easier for people to get selected.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools educational assistance program

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is considered the fourth largest school district in the U.S. and has thousands of students and employees. The district offers educational assistance programs through federal grants and college assistance through scholarships. Additionally, refugee children can get special government funding.

Find more educational resources for your child on Helping Miami’s website

Our website includes several educational assistance resources for the people of Miami, including information about non-profit organizations. We also help the Dade County community with other resources related to mental health, autism knowledge, and personal injury assistance. So if you or your loved ones have children that need educational assistance, visit our website or reach out to us.