Educational Support Programs In Miami For Immigrant Children

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Immigrants play a huge role in driving the US economy. However, they’re also the most likely group to face a lack of resources and help. Most immigrant families live close to the poverty line, making it harder for them to find good employment opportunities. This, in turn, makes it harder for their children to get quality education as most good educational programs are beyond their financial means.

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However, Miami-Dade County offers educational support services for immigrant children to help them get quality education and find better opportunities in the future. Here are some of these support programs.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Miami-Dade County public schools have a number of programs designed to help immigrant children adjust to life in the US and improve their language skills. These programs include special English language classes in the afternoon to help children grasp the language better. 

Other programs also include counseling sessions to prevent any mental health issues in children.

Miami-Dade College Programs

Miami-Dade College offers its REVEST programs to help immigrants, asylees, and immigrants find better opportunities through vocational training and language teaching. These vocational services include a college credit certificate (CCC) to help immigrant children find better career opportunities while continuing their education. 

The college also offers an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program. This program lasts 16 weeks and is free for immigrants. They also offer free books and transportation services to the students to make it easier for them to learn.

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Redlands Christian Migrant Association

The Redlands Christians Migrant Association, or RCMA, is an organization geared toward helping low-income immigrant families. Their main focus is on children, and they offer several educational resources to immigrant children. Their services aren’t limited to education funding as they also offer resources for after-school learning, Wi-Fi services, and electronic devices for students to continue their learning. 

They also have 66 child development centers in Florida, with more than 1700 employees to offer quality educational services. Besides children, the RCMA foundation also helps parents improve their living standards through services like housing, financial assistance, and continued education.

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