The Challenges in Healthcare Access for Immigrants in Miami

An Asian family

Immigrants come to the US to find better opportunities to improve their living standards and future. Unfortunately, for many, that dream stays a dream because the infrastructure in the US isn’t designed to support these people. Immigrants face a myriad of issues trying to make a decent living. One such issue is the access to healthcare for immigrants. Read on to find out how it affects them.

Language Issues

For first-generation immigrants, the language barrier is a real issue affecting many of their day-to-day requirements. But while other things can be managed, healthcare requires proper information for a doctor to make the right diagnosis. Unfortunately, many people can’t correctly explain their situation, and this can lead to poor or wrong diagnoses if tests aren’t involved.

No Proper Insurance

In the US, healthcare insurance is usually tied to a person’s place of employment. Immigrants have a hard time finding reliable employment, and even if they land a job, it usually doesn’t offer medical coverage. This, combined with the soaring healthcare costs in the US, makes it almost impossible for these people to afford out-of-pocket healthcare fees. This is why many immigrant workers struggle to manage their finances to afford medical care. Most of them usually ignore the symptoms unless it’s absolutely necessary to visit a doctor, and even then, they might not be able to afford the cost of medicines.


Biased Healthcare Providers

While healthcare providers take the Hippocratic oath, most still fail to uphold it. That’s why many immigrants struggle to get the right diagnosis and treatment. Based on personal prejudices, doctors sometimes don’t take concerns seriously, which only makes an injury or illness severe as time passes. By the time it’s properly diagnosed, it’s a bit too late, and people have to live with the consequences their entire lives.  

Low Paying Jobs

The biggest issue immigrants face is the lack of better employment opportunities. In a state where the minimum wage isn’t increasing at the same rate as inflation, most immigrants find it hard to afford healthcare. So even if people have chronic issues, they must choose between going to the hospital or paying their daily bills. As a result, these people are more likely to develop untreated health issues that’ll impact their standard of living in the long run.

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