The Most Common Mental Health Issues Faced By The Elderly In Miami

A depressed elderly man

Mental health issues affect around 20% of the elderly population in the US. However, a huge number of these people don’t receive any mental health help to treat their issues. as a result, their symptoms regress with time and, combined with other health issues, can become quite dangerous.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mental health issues faced by the elderly in Miami.


The feeling of sadness and loneliness is high in older adults. This is because, with age, it becomes harder to control one’s emotions. Moreover, being in a care home with no one to rely on can also make these people sad. As a result, they’re more likely to develop depression. Besides that, the death of a spouse from old age can also induce depression. These symptoms are often ignored, but untreated depression in older adults can lead to other health issues, such as decreased cognitive abilities. 

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder causes a sudden and complete shift in a person’s mood. It’s usually common in younger people but can also develop in the elderly with severe depression or anxiety. In some cases, the disorder can cause manic episodes and affect a person’s cognitive functions. Managing symptoms of bipolar disorder can be quite challenging in the elderly, given their poor health condition. Moreover, some people might not be eligible for medication based on their other illnesses or old age. 

A woman sitting on a bed


Just like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia is another major mental health issue among the elderly. This mental health issue causes delusions, hallucinations, disoriented speech, and abnormal behavior. Schizophrenia in the elderly is classified as late-onset schizophrenia. It’s usually triggered by traumatizing life events. Combined with poor brain functionality in the elderly, schizophrenia becomes harder to treat at that age.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is another common disorder in the elderly. According to WHO, around 3.8 % of senior citizens struggle with anxiety. Not to mention it’s usually diagnosed in conjunction with depression, further worsening a person’s mental health. In senior citizens, anxiety disorders can lead to several health issues, such as muscle spasms, elevated heart rate, digestive issues, and poor emotional health.

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