4 Ways To Avoid Getting A DUI In Miami, Florida

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Each day around 32 people lose their lives in a drunk driving incident in the US, and Florida has one of the highest drunk driving rates. That’s why the state has a limit of 0.8 % blood alcohol levels for drivers over 21. Moreover, if anyone is caught driving drunk, they’ll lose their license and face heavy fines and jail time.

However, sometimes you might get caught up in a conviction when it wasn’t your fault. The strict laws make it almost impossible to get the charges dropped. Moreover, the DUI victim assistance programs also permits the other party to sue you. So here are a few things you can do to avoid a dUI in case you’re caught up in a violation.

Challenge The Way The Officers Handled The Arrest

Police officers can’t pull over a driver if they don’t have a valid reason. A lot of times, officers pull over drivers on a suspicion. If you believe the stop was not valid, you can challenge its legitimacy, especially if you were driving responsibly and properly without any violations.

Challenge The Conditions At That Time

Poor weather or road conditions can also lead to erratic driving, making the driver appear drunk. Similarly, some health issues, such as Parkinson’s disease, speech impairment, and diabetes, can make a person appear intoxicated. If that’s the case, you can get your lawyer to contest the authenticity of the arrest.

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Challenge The Use Of A BreathalyzerZ

Before conducting a breathalyzer test, the driver must be observed for at least 20 minutes continuously. If you believe there were any inconsistencies in the test, you can get a DUI lawyer to challenge this evidence while arguing against the DUI charges.

Ask For The Video Evidence

Officers are required to wear a body cam or record the arrest using a dashcam. This recording is submitted as video evidence to make sure the officer did their due diligence when making the arrest. These tapes also prevent the officers from contradicting their statements. Failure to preserve these tapes can render some evidence invalid.

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